LOP founder Patrick Livingston has a passion: helping others
overcome adversity and become self-sufficient.
As the owner of a local restaurant, he saw a distinctive opportunity to
employ people struggling for a fresh start. Taking a leap of faith, he hired
people who had battled addiction to work in his restaurant. These employees
started as dishwashers and custodial staff, proving they had the tenacity and
determination to rebuild their lives if given the chance. Most were able to
work their way up the ranks, and within a few short years, some of his
employees were managing and even opened their own restaurants.
This inspired Patrick to expand his program
and fill in specific service gaps. After leaving rehab facilities, many
employees were living in halfway and sober houses, but were not being taught
how to adjust ‘real life’ and their new found freedom.  By combining a supportive living environment
with therapeutic and vocational curriculum, LOP is the first of its
kind to offer a full service, post-rehab experience that allows participants to
regain ownership of their lives within the community.

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